Pouch Making Machine
General introduction

The machine is of fully pneumatic structure and is controlled by PCC intelligence programmable computer with features of stable running, easy operation and low-cost maintenance. With machine upgrading, the high speed model WB64B- 11-9000 has been firstly produced in China to challenge the competitive markets both home and abroad.

Features of machine
  • HMI with touching •panel to -realke convenient operation. All data such as temperature, speed, length of pouch, sealing and cutting time, and filling volume can be set, while the PCC will directly send signals to each actuator to adjust them.
  • All actuators are of brand Festo. The mechanism is simple, reliable and easy to adjust, with good repetitive performance and without abrasion. It has a super long service life.
  • Good adaptability to packing film. Users have more options to select packing material suppliers and can better guarantee actual benefits. The deformation and extension of film is small. As special tr-acton mechanism is applied to the equipment, the traction force of film is so small that the deformation is small to guarantee safety of packing. In addition, continuous film feeding is realized to guarantee no damage or waste of film.
  • There is subtle device to adjust filling volume within 1 to 2 grams, which guarantees much higher filling accuracy. Material reit-time supervision system is adopted.
  • It is provided with profit and effective alarming system to ensure safety and reliability of operation.
  • It adopts the most professional PCC control system and B&R industrial system with rapid response and good performance` in the field of packing machinery.
  • Special accurate tracking and locating control of the cursor to save time and cost.
  • The communication linkage control coordinated with UHT system guarantees output of high quality products.
  • We, PLS, is the only enterprise in the domestic market to provide customer with aseptic whole line turn-key project, including high pressure homogenizer. UHT, aseptic packing machine, pipe installation, aseptic testing and technical training, etc.
B rands for reference
HMI touching panel HITECH Japan
Temperature controller OMRON Japan
Float-less level switch OMRON Japan
Step driver SHAPHON USA
Ballast PHILIPS Netherlands
Main motor ABB Switzerland
Optional switch Schneider France
Cylinder                      FESTO  '''..-, Germany
One-way valve GEMU Germany
Technical data
Item WB64B-9000A
Packing Capacity 500m1/1000m1 per bag
The film developed width 320mm
Producing Capacity i.e. 4000 bags per hour for 500m1
Filling head 2 heads (can work independently)
Voltage 380V
Power consumption 37KW
Working Pressure 0.6Mpa
Weight About 2800 Kg
Overall Dimension(mm) 3800x 1460x 3140
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