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Aseptic Filling Machine

Aseptic filling has become a very common form of delivering the liquid products to its end users across the world. You can also consider it as the upcoming, hygienic, modern form in demand and a very economic packaging system for the next business world. Slowly and gradually, but it has made a very prominent place of its own in the current market and has proved that it is a very useful and one of the most superior, easy to handle carrier for liquid products across the globe.

After Tetra Pack, We are the second supplier of this machine in Indian Market. We take proud in mentioning that the highly enthusiastic, restless and creative soul of our organization has put in its efforts for about 2 years in order to provide the solution for IMFL filling machine in aseptic form.  Boss Engineering Company is supplying the Aseptic Brick filling machine in the country for all kinds of liquid products e.g. Juice, Milk, etc. However, this machine is customized according to the requirements of the clients. This is a super specialty machine designed to meet the

customized requirement of the IMFL industry in order to provide hygienic, flame proof, safe, highly economic, profit making and easy to handle supply to its customers through supplying the IMFL in the "Aseptic Brick Pack..,  Boss Engineering Company is proud to supply this machine to one of the biggest Liquor Industry in our country. This machine is specially customized for the needs of IMFL industry. This machine gives you the widest range of Aseptic Brick filling starting from 90 ml to 1 liter pack

Aseptic Brick Filling Material

Our Liquid aseptic packing cartons are made of the best renewable natural resource - wood fiber. The paper board made of this kind of fiber has enough strength to make the packing extremely stable which is approved by "CFTRI" (Mysore, Karnataka).

The paper board suppliers are maintaining strict production management and environmental protection standards in their factories and woodlands, and are in strict accordance with stipulations with respect to ecological protection, development and utilization of forest resources. The ultra - thin aluminum foil and PE layer of the packing material can effectively block any influence of light, dampness, oxygen and other bad factors from the outside to the products, so as to ensure product quality and safety during all chains from production till end users.

Compared with products of other packing forms like glass bottles, PET bottles, our products can provide optimized combination of their packing forms to the utmost extent, soas to achieve the unmatchable distribution efficiency during transportation and storage.

Various optional packing specifications and shapes can personalize your products and help you %obtain the accurate product market positioning. Considering the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission, compared with other optional packing forms, the aseptic liquid packing carton has its prominent advantages with respect to its production process.

The high quality multi-layer laminated packing material supplied by our company are an indispensable part of the aseptic filling equipment, and are also an important factor to ensure product quality after aseptic filling. Through special design, the multi-layer laminating structure can effectively provide protective barrier for products after filling, integrity of packing structure and best sealing effect, so as to obtain a long shelf life of the packed products.

All designs of aseptic packing materials are subjected to environment friendly gravure printing of high definition, and only the safe and reliable food level ink is used.

Technical Specification
Name Aseptic Filling Machine
Production Capacity 7500 box /hour.
Ring Volume 180 MI.
Outline Dimension 4690m(L) x 2540mm (W) x 3670 mm (H)
Entrance Dimension 2200mm(W) x 3500 mm (H)
Weight 380 V+/- 10% 50Hz
Electrical Consumption 35kw
Air Consumption Preheating 20kw:
Sterilization 24kw:
Producing 26kw: Cleaning 2.2kw 500+/­100/mm (0,7- 0.10 Moab dry air with vapor and oil totally detached is fit to be used. Connection format & caliber, external screw thread caliber 1/2, tube with 1/4 inch interface
Tap Water Consumption 2 lines 151/min 10.3 0.45 Mpa below 15*C) It should be high quality water MO water). water rigidity: 17*C. (CaCO3 density:below 170 ppm) Chloridion density: below 30 porn. Connection format & caliber: external screw thread caliber 1/2, tube with 1/4 inch Interface
Lubricating Oil Consumption 0.0211/H
Operatini System Human-machine interface (HM5)
Conveyer Belt of Discharge Keel Chain
Temperature of fillingproduction 15*C-25*C
Viscosity of Sling material Below 30 CPD
Connection format & Caliber Side of material input screw thread caliber 2s
Side of material output: screw thread caliber Ps
Pressure of Production 50- 15O,10Kpa
Shape Brick Shaped
Specification 2508: 106.3 mni(H) x 41 mm(W) x 62 mm(L) 250S: 131 mm01) x 38 mm(W) x 53 mm(1) 200S: 119.3 mm(H) x 38 mmlW) k 47 mm(L)
Form of package Roll paper
Temperature of workshop 19.4- 25•C
!Positive pressure of workshop >1.3mmAg
Temperature Parameter
Water Temperature in sterilisation bath 80*C
Main Heater During Production 360*C
During Preheating 400*C
IS Sealing (basic) During Sealing tube 260*C
During Production 320*C
Air Knife 125*C
Pre-sterilization temperature 270*C
SA sealing (basic) 290*C
Positive & Negative pressure of aseptic chamber
During Production Positive 20 - 50 mm4VC
Negative 1- 15 mmWC
During short stop Positive 10 - 40 mmWC
Negative 1 - 15 mmWe
Pressure Parameter
Main Air 0.7- 0.10 Mpa
Cooling water 0.3 - 0.45 Mpa
IS Sealing (basic) 2.7 Kpa
LS Sealing Short Stop 2 Kpa
SA sealing (basic) 2.7 Kpa
Pressure Jaw 2506,2505 10.5./-0.5 MPa
2005 91+1-03 Mpa
Cat' ng Jaw 8.5+/-0.5 Mpa
Calendar Roller 2508 300 Kpa
250S 260 Kpa
2005 240 Kpa
Air pressure of spray container 300 Kpa
Air pressure of design correction cylinder 200- 300 Kpa
Adhesive air pressure of terminal flap sealing 200 - 250 Kpa
Braking pressure in paper magazine 100-150 Kpa
Positive pressure of design correction photocell 40 Kpa
Product pressure 50 - 150 Kpa
Product pressure, permitted fluctuation during production +1- 10 Kpa
Pressure of air to container 20-30 Kpa
Air pressure of sterile air 25 - 35 Kpa
Press set value in the main air switch 0.4 Mpa
Set value in aseptic air pressure switch 20 Kpa
Flow Rate
LH jaw pair (minimum) 0.8 L/min
RH jaw pair (maximum) 0.8 L/min
Air flow of terminal flap sealing >/-40 L/min
Hydraulic Pressure Oil (Options)
BP 1 Bartran HV32
SHELL Tellus 32
ESSO Univis N32
Central Lubricating Oil (Options)
Shell Omala 220
Layers of packing Material
  • Inner PE layer : directly contact with the product
  • Adhesion layer : effectively bonds the inner PE layer and Aluminium foil that contact the product
  • Aluminium foil layer : blocks light, air and pollution from the outside
  • PE layer : is used for lamination aluminum foil and paper board
  • Paper layer : provides stable packing strength
  • Printing layer : displays product image and gives high vision Impact
  • Outer PE layer : prevents dampness and blocks pollution from the outside
Benefits of Aseptic Machine
  • Easy handling and transportation of the material
  • No additional cost of sterilizing the material compared to bottle filling plant
  • No machine required for packaging of the material
  • No machine required for loading the material in the filling machine
  • Less amount of labor compared to bottle filling plant
  • Less space required for the storage of the material
  • No wastage of material during the loading, transportation, unloading or taking it to the machine
  • Cost effective then glass bottle
  • Absolutely safe in terms of personal injuries and hygiene
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